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Summer Research Scholarship

Summer Research Scholarships allow students to participate in a research project for a period of 6-10 weeks to "get a taste" of what research is really about.

A stipend of at least $200 per week is paid tax free and fortnightly during your 6 weeks. Depending upon the project that you are potentially selected for, you may have the opportunity to complete more than 6 weeks. However any time completed beyond the 6 weeks will not attract an additional stipend.

There are a number of schemes available, each with ther own application processes.

Summer Research Scholarships Closing Dates
Adelaide Summer Research Scholarships   

2016-2017 Research Scholarships are available at the University of Adelaide. The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage undergraduate students to consider undertaking postgraduate study at the University of Adelaide leading to a career involving research.
Projects for Summer Research Scholarships in the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine based at the Waite Campus are listed below. If you are offered an Adelaide Summer Research Scholarship for a project from the Waite Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarships scheme, the stipend will be topped up to the School rate of $250 per week.
7 October 2016
Waite Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarships 28 October 2016
Australian Plant Phenomics Facility Summer Scholarships N/A
ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls

Summer Scholarships available by arrangement with the centre.

Waite Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarships

Each year, the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, along with their many research partners located on the Waite campus, offer up to 6 Summer Scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students.

The benefits of undertaking a Summer Scholarship are many:
  • You get to participate in an actual research project and work with some of the world's top scientists
  • You get paid $250 per week while you do it
  • You get valuable work experience that you can include on your CV
  • You get to know potential Honours/PhD supervisors
  • You get to see if you really do want to become a researcher in this field
Are you eligible for a Summer Scholarship?
  • You need to be available to work for a minimum of 6 weeks during the period Monday 12th December 2016 to Friday 17th February 2017
  • You need to be a current University Undergraduate student
    • Some scholarships may be open to students from Universities other than Adelaide
  • Usually you will need to have completed a minimum of 2 years of study
    • Some scholarships will allow students that have just completed their Bachelor degree or outstanding 1st year students
  • You should have at least a Credit average for your grades
    • Always include a copy of your academic record with your application
  • Some scholarships will require that you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident - always check
Further questions about this scheme can be directed to Dr Jo Zhou or Yatong Cao.
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