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Plant Protection

The Plant Protection Group is concerned with all aspects of protecting plants from damage and lost production caused by pathogens; invertebrates such as insects, nematodes and mites; and weeds.

The Group’s focus is on broad-acre and horticultural crops, and also extends to native vegetation and post-harvest damage to stored products.

Fundamental aspects of biology, ecology, epidemiology and plant responses to attack by injurious organisms provide the foundation for research and development on applied pest management and biosecurity.

The Plant Protection Group contributes to undergraduate and postgraduate education. Our academic staff deliver undergraduate courses concerning plant protection, plant biotechnology, and the core sciences of biology and chemistry. The also deliver postgraduate coursework in the Master of Plant Health and Biosecurity, and the Master of Biotechnology (Plant Biotechnology). Ph.D., Master and Honours students contribute to the research strengths of the Group.

Current Research Interests and Core Academic Staff

Other Academic Staff Associated with the Plant Protection Group Include:

  • Emeritus Prof Allen Kerr (bacterial diseases of plants)
  • Affiliate Lecturer Dr Richard Glatz, SARDI Entomology (insect molecular biology)
  • Visiting Research Fellow Dr Kerrie Davies (nematology)
  • Visiting Research Fellow Dr Dagmar Hanold (plant viruses and virus-like diseases; monitoring plant disease outbreaks)
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