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Research - Areas of Impact

  • Food Quality and Nutrition
    • Functional food
    • Control of food properties
    • Health-promoting grains for food and beverages
    • Impact of glycans on the gut microbiome
    • Food for infants
  • Agriculture, Microbial and Plant Sciences
    • Managing and adding value to waste streams generated by agriculture
    • Understanding plant cell wall structure and metabolism for improvement of agricultural crops
    • Plant developmental biology
  • Wine Sciences
    • Controlling the composition and quality of wines
  • Biopharmaceutical, Therapeutic and Human Health Applications
    • Controlled therapeutic molecule uptake/release from biomaterial surfaces
    • Development of new methods for disease and cancer diagnosis and management
  • Marine Biorefinery
    • Structural and functional carbohydrate-based materials for multiple applications including, e.g., cosmetics, composite materials, scaffolding structures, aerogels, hydrogels, films, emulsions, drug delivery systems, bioactive surfaces (biosensing & biofouling)
Adelaide Glycomics

Agriculture, Food & Wine-East building,
Hartley Grove, Waite Campus


T: +61 8 8313 1284

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