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Current Research

Glycoscience is a constantly expanding field that explores the structural and functional properties of complex carbohydrates.

We use cutting edge techniques in biochemistry, genetics, bioinformatics and molecular biology to examine these ubiquitous molecules, with particular focus on their roles in grain physiology and plant/animal defence against fungal pathogens. As well as contributing to fundamental biological knowledge, our research has multiple applications in industries such as malting, crop protection, biotechnology and medicine.

A list of project opportunities is available here.

  • Selected Publications
    • Betts NS, Berkowitz O, Liu R, Collins HM, Skadhauge B, Dockter C, Burton RA, Whelan J and Fincher GB. (2017) Isolation of tissues and preservation of RNA from intact, germinated barley grain. The Plant Journal 91: 754.
    • Little A, Schwerdt JG, Shirley NJ, Khor SF, Neumann K, O'Donovan LA, Lahnstein J, Collins HM, Fincher GB and Burton RA. (2018) Revised phylogeny of the Cellulose Synthase gene superfamily: insights into cell wall evolution. Plant Physiology pp. 01718.2017.
    • Chowdhury J, Schober MS, Shirley NJ, Singh RR, Jacobs AK, Douchkov D, Schweizer P, Fincher GB, Burton RA and Little A. (2016) Down‐regulation of the glucan synthase‐like 6 gene (HvGsl6) in barley leads to decreased callose accumulation and increased cell wall penetration byi f. sp. hordei. New Phytologist 212: 434.
    • Giles C, Lamont-Friedrich SJ, Michl TD, Griesser HJ, Coad BR. (2018) The importance of fungal pathogens and antifungal coatings in medical device infections. Biotechnology Advances 36: 264-280.
    • Alam MA, Subhan N, Hossain H, Hossain M, Reza HM, Rahman MM and Ullah MO. (2016) Hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives: a potential class of natural compounds for the management of lipid metabolism and obesity. Nutrition & Metabolism 13: 27.
    • Srivastava V, Rezinciuc S and Bulone V. (2018) Quantitative proteomic analysis of four developmental stages of Saprolegnia parasitica. Frontiers in Microbiology 8: 2658.

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