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Past Honours Projects

Below is a list of some of the past projects undertaken within the School, their related Discipline area and supervisor/s.

  • Farming Systems
    Supervisor Topic
    Chris Preston
    • Genetic diversity in populations of one-leaf Cape tulip using molecular markers.
    • Mechanism of herbicide resistance in weeds
    • Inheritance of paraquat resistance in annual ryegrass
    • Genetic Diversity and Spread of Giant Reed (Arundo donax L.)
    Glenn McDonald
    • Developmental and nutritional influences on frost damage in wheat
    • Increasing grain Zn content in wheat to enhance its nutritive value
    • Understanding the limitations to growth in saline-sodic soils
    • The importance of root characteristics to drought tolerance in winter cereals
    • Understanding the importance of genetic differences in root growth in wheat to adaptation in SA
    Chris Penfold
    • Atriplex species as vineyard cover crops
    • Native grasses for vineyards and revegetation
    David Coventry
    • Land use efficiency in novel intercrop mixtures
    Paul Harris
    • Simple solid waste digestion
    • Comparison of continuous flow stirred tanks and plug flow anaerobic digesters
  • Food & Nutrition
    Supervisor Topic
    Robert Gibson
    • Assessment of fatty acid intakes and status of toddlers and pre-schoolers
    Kate Watson, Shantell Cox
    • The microflora and sensory analysis of San Francisco sourdough produced with two varieties of hard wheat flour.
    • The microbial flora of a cooked manufactured meat product through processing and storage
    Jim Ralph
    • Transformation of lobster shell into a form suitable for inclusion in food.
    • Application of grape seed extract as a preservative in food.
  • Plant Breeding & Genetics
    Supervisor Topic
    Darly Mares
    • Investigation of genetic, biochemical and molecular mechanisms underlying traits that impact on the quality of wheat
    • High lutein wheat for nutritionally enhanced foods
    • Regulation of flavonoid synthesis in tissues of developing wheat grains
    • Use of flour and germ from high xanthophyll bread wheat for nutritionally improved end-products.
    Diane Mather
    • Linkage disequilibrium and population structure in self-pollinated crop species: a computer simulation study
    • Genetic variation in wheat gluten proteins: does it affect human intolerance to gluten?
    • Molecular markers in cereal genetics and breeding
    • Novel protein alleles from synthetic wheats
    Andrew Jacobs
    • The project aimed to isolate genomic DNA fragments from the T-DNA integration sites of rice enhancer trap transgenic lines that exhibited cell-specific patterns of GFP expression.
    • Characterisation of enhancer elements from enhancer trap lines of rice.
    • Elements from enhancer trap lines giving cell-specific expression
    Jason Able
    • Genetics of Meiosis in cereals
    Jeff Paull
    • Investigations into the genetic variation in hydration capacity of faba beans and the route of water uptake in the seed
    • Infection of Cercospora zonata on faba beans
    Kolumbina Mrva
    • Wheat grain tissues and signaling involved in the synthesis of late maturity a-amylase (LMA) compared with á-amylase synthesis in germinating grains
    • Temperature during wheat grain development and its effect on induction of late maturity ?-amylase (LMA)
    Michelle Wirthensohn
    • Sensory quality of different almond cultivars
    • Breeding better almonds
  • Plant Protection
    Supervisor Topic
    Amanda Able
    • Functional analysis of defence genes associated with the modulation of reactive oxygen species in barley
    • Identification and analysis of QTL associated with tolerance to oxidative stress in barley
    • Identification of a genetic basis for powdery mildew resistance or calcium efficiency in strawberries
    • Identification and preliminary characterization of a genetic basis for tolerance to Pyrenophora teres toxins in barley
    Otto Schmidt
    • Vector status of immune-induced mosquitoes
    Eileen Scott
    • Preventing chalkbrood in blue-banded bees
    • Latent infection of lentils by Botrytis species
    • Ascochyta blight of faba beans: maturation and release of ascospores from stubble
    Mike Keller
    • Behavioural ecology of Lycosid spiders as arthropod predators in Brassica crops
    • An investigation of sex allocation in blue banded bees
    • Biological control of insects with predators
    • Biological control of wheel cactus: genetic diversity of Dactylopius opuntiae and Opuntia rubusta
    Dr Ramakrishnan M. Nair (SARDI),
    Professor John Randles
    • Transfer of Alfalfa mosaic virus coat protein transgenes in Medicago species through artificial hybridization: relevance to resistance breeding.
    • Species and strain specific reverse transcription PCR detection of pea seedborne mosaic and wheat streak mosaic viruses
    Dr Richard Glatz, Ms Amanda Aloia
    • Can plant (Arabidopsis thaliana) G-proteins interact with G-Protein Coupled Receptors?
  • Plant Physiology, Viticulture & Horticulture
    Supervisor Topic
    Prof Roger Leigh, Dr Matthew Gilliham
    • Molecular physiology of cell specific nutrient storage in leaves (6 projects)
    Amanda Able
    • 1-MCP treatment of strawberries: effects on post-harvest grey mould development and quality of fruit.
    • Physiological and molecular characterization of the effect of 1-MCP on banana-ripening processes
    • Understanding the physiological & molecular basis of biotic stress, grain development & postharvest changes
    Carolyn Schultz
    • Genetic and chemical studies of muntries to improve fruit quality
    • Identifying QTLs for sustainable agriculture using Medicago truncatula mapping populations
    • Development of molecular markers for “bar-coding” selections of Kunzea pomifera for the muntries native food industry
    Peter Dry
    • Management of lateral shoot development in a cool climate
    Cassie Collins
    • How do plant growth regulators affect the grapevine flowering process?
    Brent Kaiser
    • Characterisation of nitrate transport in grapevines.
    • Influence of root development and abiotic soil stress on molybdenum nutrition in Merlot
    • Molecular and physiological characterisation of ammonium transport in plants
    • Functional analysis of the ammonium efflux transporter AtAMT1;4
    • RNAi silencing of PBM transport proteins in nitrogen fixing soybean nodules
    • Grapevine Nitrogen Uptake and Metabolism
    • Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Plants
    Steve Tyerman
    • Characterisation of commercial yeast strains for their ability to release and convert volatile thiols in Sauvignon Blanc
    • Grapevine petioles: hydraulic fuses controlled by aquaporins?
    • Novel techniques to measure vine water stress
    • Berry cell death: an important phase in ripening and flavour development?

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