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Find a Student Intern

Support the development of the future workforce by hosting an intern from the University of Adelaide.

While many students seek their own work placements, we offer the opportunity for employers actively seek interns from our programs.

It is a great opportunity for you to observe and encourage future potential employees and contribute to the development of your industry.

Ian Nuberg - Contact Internship Program Coordinator


Areas of work experience

  • Agribusiness
  • Agricultural or animal research
  • Agricultural / Horticultural production (including practical farm experience)
  • Veterinary work and livestock production
  • Rural communication
  • Food processing
  • Wildlife and natural resource management


Duration of internship

Our students need to complete 12 weeks of work experience during their three year degree program with a minimum of three weeks in any particular area.

We want to be as flexible as possible in the delivery of this program to fit in with the needs of both employers and interns. It is possible to take internships either as:

  • block periods during non-teaching periods;
  • day-per-week during semester fitting in around scheduled courses; and
  • weekend work.

The non-teaching periods of the university are typically:

  • 15 week summer break from mid November to the end of February;
  • 2 week mid-semester break in April;
  • 4 week mid-year break over June/July; and
  • 2 week mid-semester break September/October.


Join our employer register

Once listed on our 'employer register', we will work to match the right student to your organisation.

  • How to register?

    Contact Internship Program Coordinator Ian Nuberg

    Telephone: (08) 8313 0527
    Mobile: 0421 144 671

    We need to know the following details:

    • Company name and physical address
    • Contact person and their email and phone number
    • Nature of the type of work offered
    • Period and/or frequency of work
    • Whether the work is to be paid, unpaid or negotiated?
    • Any requirements of the intern, e.g. driver's licence
  • Payment and insurance

    Whether the internship is paid or unpaid, will be an arrangement between the you and student. However, be aware that many students need paid employment to support their studies and will naturally be attracted to paid opportunities.

    Provided the student has organised the signing of a Professional Experience form, unpaid interns are covered by the University of Adelaide's insurance policy. Paid interns will be under the insurance policy of the employer.

  • Requirements for employers

    Employers will be required to sign a Professional Experience form with the student outlining the nature of the work and whether it is paid or unpaid.

    At the end of the internship, the employer will be asked to provide a brief assessment of the student's performance using the Employer Assessment form.

The internship is a core component of the Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences program and an elective for students in the Bachelor of Animal Sciences program. It is assessable as part of the Level 3 course AGRIC 3500WT Professional Skills in Agricultural Science III.

School of Agriculture,
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Student Enquiries

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