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Honours comprises a further year of study within a specialised Agriculture, Food and Wine discipline area.

Honours is an intensive year-long program which involves both advanced coursework and research. Honours can be studied part-time in certain circumstances.

The program culminates in an extended piece of work (thesis) on a topic chosen in consultation with an academic supervisor. The honours year is undertaken after successful completion of a bachelor's degree with a major in the relevant area.

Entry into honours is selective and the work at this level is challenging. Honours is available in most of the disciplines taught within the Faculty of Sciences.

  • Why study honours?
    • to engage, in depth, with a discipline you have a passion or special aptitutude for
    • to develop your research and writing skills to an advanced level
    • to meet people with similar interests and develop your professional networks
    • to significantly enhance your employment opportunities
    • Honours is the prerequisite for entry to a Higher Degree by Research at the Masters and Doctorate levels
  • Preparing for honours

    Students should plan for their Honours year as early as possible, e.g. first/second year, to ensure that the appropriate courses are studied during their Bachelor degree. The relevant honours coordinators can provide advice, in addition to discussing a research proposal.

  • Current and past projects

    Various Honours research projects have been undertaken within the School over the previous years. Below is a list of some of the projects, their related Discipline area and supervisor/s.

    For information on these projects, please make contact with the academic listed or for further information contact the Faculty of Sciences website.
  • How do I apply?

    Each discipline has unique procedures for assigning students to supervisors/projects, but all prospective Honours students must complete the online form below:

    • Application form - Please note that this form is for domestic students and/or current international students of the University of Adelaide ONLY.
      If you are an international student who is not currently studying at the university of Adelaide, you can apply here at the International Student office.

    *If you are not a University of Adelaide student and would like to undertake honours at the University of Adelaide, please contact the honours coordinators in the relevant area to determine your eligibility and discuss information you may need to provide.

Need Further Information?

Please contact the relevant honours coordinators.

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