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The Brokenwood Wines Pty. Ltd. Prize

Brokenwood Wines Pty. Ltd. having undertaken to provide a prize for a student in the degree of Bachelor of Oenology, the following rules are hereby made:

  1. The prize shall be known as ‘The Brokenwood Wines Pty. Ltd. Prize’.
  2. The prize, $700 plus the opportunity of a vintage position at Brokenwood Wines Pty. Ltd. at the commencement of the fourth year of the course, will be available for award each year.
  3. The prize will be awarded to the student obtaining the highest aggregate mark in the second year of the degree of Bachelor of Science (Viticultural Science) but is enrolled in their third year in Bachelor of Oenology.
  4. No award will be made unless the Faculty is satisfied that there is a candidate of sufficient merit.
  5. These rules may be varied from time to time by the Faculty in consultation with the Company but the title and purpose will not be changed.

Past Winners

2000 Russell Trevor Burns 2001 Krystyna Marie Smith
2002 Geoffrey Mark Alexander 2003 Matthew John Zadow
2004 Ellena Sophia King 2005 Stuart John Rusted
2006 Rauri Chisholm Donkin 2007 Vanesa Michelle Robson
2008 Gregory Michael Lane 2009 Brett Matthew Smith
2010 Lauren Aisla Hansen 2011 Stuart James Mcculloch
2012 Crystal Wu 2013 Bryan Maxwell Jones
2014 Simon Mussared 2015 Christopher Robert Plummer
2016 Lukas John Papagiannis    
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