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The D.B. Adam Memorial Prize


In 1954, a committee of former students and friends of the late David Bonar Adam, BAgSc, paid to the University £300 to establish a prize in his memory. Mr Adam was Reader in Plant Pathology at the Waite Research Institute.

The following rules now apply:-

  1. The prize shall be called 'The D.B. Adam Memorial Prize' and shall be available annually.
  2. The value of the prize shall be $350, or such other amount as the University may from time to time determine provided that the value does not exceed the annual income distribution available from the Endowment Fund.
  3. The prize shall be awarded to the undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences program who is the best student in plant pathology and is of sufficient merit as determined by the Program Coordinator (or nominee), after receiving advice from the Student Services Officer, of the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine.
  4. If in any year the Program Coordinator (or nominee) of the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine considers that no candidate is of sufficient merit no award shall be made and the monies that would have been awarded in that year shall be added to the capital sum in the Endowment Fund.
  5. The University may vary the rules from time to time in a manner consistent with the University's legal obligations and policies.

Past Winners

2000 Suzanne Faye Colmagro 2001 Tara Sallows
2002 Carol Walker 2003 Matthew Scott Rodda
2004 Jenna Del Currie 2005 Amanda Joy Benger
2006 Tiffany Megan Barlow 2007 Adam Hall
2008 Not Awarded – Prize Under Review 2009 Not Awarded - No Student Of Sufficient Merit
2010 Li Wen Cheah 2011 Not Awarded - No Student Of Sufficient Merit
2012 John Angas Swincer 2013 Daniel Joseph Grilli
2014 Danrui Wu 2015 Hannah Rebecca Kate Mikaljo
2016 Brody James Lock    
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