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The EJ and EI Graham Prize

In 1996, Messrs Robin, Peter and Duncan Graham and their families donated $5,000 to the University to establish a prize in recognition of the life-long interest in education of their parents, Elgin Joseph and Eunice Isabella Graham.

The following rules now apply:-

  1. There shall be a prize called ‘The EJ and EI Graham Prize in Plant Nutrition’.
  2. The prize shall be available for award each year.
  3. The prize shall be $400 or such other amount as the University shall from time to time determine provided that the value of the prize does not exceed the annual distribution of interest available from the Endowment Fund.
  4. The prize shall be awarded to the student obtaining the highest mark in the course Soil and Plant Nutrition III in the degree of Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences, Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology or Bachelor of Science.
  5. If two or more students eligible for the prize obtain equal marks in Soil and Plant Nutrition III then the prize shall be shared equally among them.
  6. The University may vary the rules from time to time in a manner consistent with the University's legal obligations and policies.

Approved by Deputy Vice Chancellor & Vice President (Academic) 13 December 2016

Past Winners

1996 Sarah Jocelyn Townsend
Inaugural Winner
1997 Justin Trevor Tiller &
Philip James Watters
1998 Dale Mayer (B.Sc.) 1999 Suzanne Faye Colmagro
2000 David James Gallot 2001 Thomas Alexander Phillips
2002 Claire Louise Daniel &
Giles Nolan Oster
2003 Matthew Scott Rodda
2004 Jennifer Mary Behenna 2005 Christian Paul Preuss
2006 Helen Erica Degraaf 2007 Keith Bolto
2008 Kenton Dean Porker 2009 Rhiannon Kate Schilling
2010 Joshua Boden Cooper &
Wayne Roger Mattschoss
2011 Lachlan Ryves Parker
2012 John Angas Swincer 2013 Daniel Joseph Grilli
2014 Danrui Wu 2015 Hannah Rebecca Kate Mikaljo
2016 William Charles Yelland Fairlie    
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