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The Kenneth T. Hardy Memorial Scholarship

Accolade Wines, being pleased to assist in the education of young people in the wine industry, has established a scholarship to this end. It is hereby provided that:

  1. There shall be a Scholarship to be called ‘The Kenneth T. Hardy Memorial Scholarship’.
  2. The Scholarship shall be available for award each year.
  3. The value of the Scholarship shall be $1,000.
  4. The Scholarship shall be awarded to the student who has performed best in the first year of the Bachelor of Science (Viticultural Science) who is enrolled in the second year of the program.
  5. If two or more students eligible for the Scholarship obtain equal aggregates in the first year of the course, the Scholarship shall be shared equally between them.
  6. These rules may be varied from time to time by the Faculty in consultation with Accolade Wines but the title and purpose will not be changed.

Past Winners

2000 Peter John Jackson &
Tobias William Wallace
2001 Joanne Ngaire Brady
2002 Matthew John Zadow 2003 Michael Matthew Colagrossi
2004 Stuart John Rusted 2005 Scott Michael Zecchin
2006 Vanessa Michelle Robson 2007 Brooke Tegan Howell
2008 Mitchell Oldfield Flint 2009 Lauren Aisla Hansen
2010 Stuart James Mcculloch 2011 Crystal Wu
2012 Bryan Maxwell Jones 2013 Sacha Clifton
2014 Christopher Plummer 2015 Ziyu Ding
2016 Jackson Wallis Jansz    
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