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The School of Agriculture, Food and Wine conducts world-leading scientific research related to agriculture, food and wine.

In collaboration with local, national and global partners, the School delivers innovative options and opportunities to benefit the agricultural, food and wine industries, consumers and the environment.

Research Areas

Biometry & Bioinformatics Biometry & bioinformatics grains research; experimental design & statistical analysis; statistical genetics; computational biology. Learn more

Biometry & Bioinformatics

Entomology & Plant Pathology Insect behavior & ecology; crop pollination; biosecurity, biological control & integrated pest management; diagnosis, epidemiology & control of plant diseases; plant-pathogen interactions. Learn more

Entomology & Plant Pathology

Farming Systems Agronomy; crop physiology; crop nutrition; legumes & nitrogen; weed science; international agroforestry & extension. Learn more

Farming Systems

Food & Nutrition Human nutrition, obesity & metabolic health; food tolerance & allergy; sustainable & healthy food; nutrigenomics & epigenomics; lipidomics. Learn more

Food & Nutrition

Plant Biology & Biochemistry Plant & cell physiology; membrane transport; plant energy biology; plant reproductive biology; plant cell wall biology & biochemistry; glycoscience. Learn more

Plant Biology & Biochemistry

Plant Genetics, Genomics & Breeding Genetic analysis of traits (abiotic stress, biotic stress, productivity, end-use quality), structural & functional genomics, epigenetics, development of germplasm, varieties & breeding technologies. Learn more

Plant Genetics, Genomics & Breeding

Soil Science Soil & environmental chemistry, soil biology & ecology, soil fertility & fertilisers, soil management & remediation, soil physics. Learn more

Soil Science

Viticulture & Horticulture Grapevine physiology, performance & management, vineyard technology, grapevine nutrition, water relations & stress tolerance, fruit water relations, nutrition & chemistry, almond breeding, ornamental eucalypts. Learn more

Viticulture & Horticulture

Wine Science Wine chemistry & grapevine biochemistry, wine making technology, wine microbiology & microbial biotechnology, sensory science & wine quality. Learn more

Wine Science

The AFW Research Committee provides advice to School management on a range of strategic research initiatives and opportunities and a mechanism for merit-based allocation of available funds. For research matters, please contact: Professor Matthew Gilliham

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School of Agriculture,
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School of Agriculture Food & Wine


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