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Biometry & Bioinformatics


Contact: Dr Olena Kravchuk

Biometry research involves development and application of statistical and computational methods for the design and analysis of comparative biological experiments. Within the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine our group has a broad research agenda. This includes research in advanced experimental design and statistical modelling of comparative experiments conducted in controlled and field environments. We also have a strong focus on statistical genetics research including linkage map construction, whole genome QTL analysis and genome wide association studies (GWAS). As an extension of this research we are additionally focusing on the computational aspects of digital agriculture including machine learning algorithms, high performance computing as well as user friendly online and mobile applications.

Biometrics   Plant Biometry

Related research centres and facilities

  • Researchers
    • Dr Chris Brien – experimental design and statistical modelling for plant phenomics
    • Dr Beverley Gogel – experimental design and statistical modelling for multi-environment multi-trait field trials; core member of the ASReml linear mixed modelling development team
    • Dr Olena Kravchuk – non-parametric inference; sampling methodology; sensometrics
    • Dr Helena Oakey - experimental design and statistical modelling; applied statistical genetics including whole genome QTL analysis and GWAS
    • Dr Julian Taylor – advanced statistical modelling; computational statistics; R package development; statistical genetics including linkage map construction, whole genome QTL analysis and GWAS
    • Dr Andy Timmins - high performance computing; machine learning; bioinformatics pipelines

    Adjunct Researcher

    Dr Richard Jarrett, A/Prof Ari Verbyla, Renata Alcarde Sermarnini; Dili Mao; Fabio Arsego, Emi Tanako and Ray Correll


Contact: Dr Ute Baumann

Bioinformatics can include computational biology, data analysis, mathematical modelling, informatics, software development and systems biology. Our research touches on most of these areas, with a particular emphasis on the study of gene expression, gene regulation, genome structure, next generation sequencing and comparative genomics in crop species such as wheat and barley.

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