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Duc-The NgoWeed Science Research

PhD Candidate: The Duc Ngo

Biology and management of Chloris truncata (windmill grass) and Chloris virgata (feathertop Rhodes grass) in southern Australia.

Gurjeet Gill, Christopher Preston and Peter Boutsalis

Windmill and feathertop Rhodes grasses are emerging weeds in agricultural systems in Australia and there is a need to increase our understanding of their biology and how to manage them best. Improved biological knowledge will help us to predict how these weed species are likely to evolve in response to selection pressures placed on them by current agricultural practices. Studying physiological mechanisms for variations in herbicide sensitivities of windmill and feathertop Rhodes grass populations and biotypes is also valuable.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Identify germination characteristics and requirements of windmill grass and feathertop Rhodes grass
  • Understand their seedling emergence, seed production, seed bank dynamics and seed persistence
  • Discover variations in glyphosate responses at different plant growth stages, and also within and between populations of these two Chloris species
  • Identify physiological mechanisms contributing to variations in glyphosate efficacy
  • Identify optimal glyphosate rates and suitable additives, and also screen for other effective herbicide groups, able to effectively control windmill and feathertop Rhodes grasses

Increased understanding in these areas will assist with the development of effective integrated weed management practices that consider these two weedy grasses.

Windmill grass (Chloris truncata) and Feathertop Rhodes grass (Chloris virgata)Windmill (Chloris truncata) and Feathertop Rhodes (Chloris virgata) grasses growing at Roseworthy, SA.

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